Life Is Like A Big Canvas Through As Much Paint On It As You Like

Blogging into my future

Getting in to blogging one baby step at a time. I began this blog mid way through studying my degree in communications. The only reason, a lecturer told me it was a good idea, 3 years later and I have produced next to nothing but that is all about to change today.


I have discovered a sort of soothing feeling when I write whether it be from release of anger, the hard pounding on my keyboard, the words produced on the page or through the use of the blog as a sea of thoughts tapping on the side of one large island to another for people to comment and share to experience along side of or to express their own opinions on what I have to say and help me along my life’s paths up hills and down valleys. 


Writing is something we all do everyday whether it be for work for play or for in my case an almost vent. I used to write as a kid or draw rather pictures of me and my sister playing in the backyard the pictures told a story, like a journal of pictures.


 I write today however in words to express the same feelings as I did in my drawings to share with you my opinions, on everyday topics to give my view on various things in my life that may too be something shared by you in yours.


Today is the first baby step towards my future and me sharing this journey with you. 

Bec and Bridge Palazzo Play Suite Tangerine backless number my new favourite of the season! worn in Manly perfect spring/summer essential

Bec and Bridge Palazzo Play Suite Tangerine backless number my new favourite of the season! worn in Manly perfect spring/summer essential

Sass and Bide


With party season well under way i’ve been trying to find the perfect outfits to wear here is one that i am loving at the moment Blessed are the Meek  - Boa Dress.

With party season well under way i’ve been trying to find the perfect outfits to wear here is one that i am loving at the moment Blessed are the Meek  - Boa Dress.

'Soul's At Sea'

Music for the Soul

Soul’s at Sea in the Hills, local musician Dan Crestani caught up with Zoe Hamilton on his first EP and what’s to come.

With his soulful acoustic tunes lifting audiences throughout Sydney, local Hills musician, Dan Crestani is set to release his first EP ‘Soul’s at Sea’ this Friday 30th March.

The 20 year old, has been working along side fellow musician Helmut Uhlmann, to bring his EP to life. With sounds that reflect his ‘Chilled lifestyle’ the EP is both soulful and funky. Audience member at a recent gig Liam Alagh tells, “ His music has real depth to it, you can connect to the music because it is so real, it comes from the heart… you can adapt the lyrics to your own life”.

The musician began his path at young age playing Angus Young inspired guitar riffs, to a now more acoustic genre of psychedelic folk, and has played for venues right across Sydney to audiences of up to 150.

Dan Crestani is set to melt hearts with lyrics his audiences can relate to. Catch Dan Crestani live on your local radio station Alive 90.5 from 9pm Wednesday on Tomorrows Thursday with show host Ray Shipley, or find him on Facebook, YouTube or Triple J’s unearthed at With more to come from the musician keep an eye out for tour dates following the launch.

Look how far we’ve come

Two year olds playing with smart phones and on the internet nine year olds wearing bras and make-up this is 2011, is our youth growing up too fast.

As a six year old I was out riding my bike, roller-blazing and play acting, pretending with my cousin to be the power rangers, play acting pokemon, building worm farms and making mud cakes and on Valentines Day picking flowers out of the garden and selling them to by passers or the man who lies up the street, for 50cents a flower. Lots of money to be made in the business of a florist.

This was the 1990s a time where you were able to play outside till dinner time and make friends with just about anybody who passed by, bad things were not heard of and everyone was your friend. Technology though began to set in, around the time between the end of primary school and beginning of high school.

Things took a turn. We were wearing make-up and bras setting up my space accounts and bebo to facebook and twitter, learning to drive then gettin our licenses, boys and parties and then alcohol.

As a two year old growing up in the 00s I see a young girl speaking fluently about Dora the Explorer asking for her lip gloss and her princess bag. And let’s not forget the phone. Being asked by a two-year-old to use my phone was shooing the first rime. Should she even know what it is at her age, let alone know how to use it? I gave it to her expecting her to pretend but no, she called someone and began to have a conversation.

I see a six year old in this time sitting on the Internet knowing full well how to search anything he pleases, a child who acts like he is in his 20s copying his older brother in everything. The way he dresses, his hair and even the car and speech, burn outs hotted up cars and girls.

This child whilst still being able to play outside and socialise must not be out on his own and must not talk to strangers unlike when I was a child who could be gone for hours and there would be nothing to worry about except what time dinner was.

I feel youth today is growing up fast, missing out on everything in-between, because it has become more known to us that it isn’t safe outside or safe to talk to strangers.

Although they are missing out on the experience they are gaining more knowledge in other areas, from the 90s till now children have come along way.

Sparkly rosy red features and gappy white teeth, shirt tucked in crisp and clean and shoes polished to perfection. Sitting in the front row legs crossed holding the class sign proud with a grin from ear to ear. 

That is the dream of most parents, when they get their childrens school photos back, those dreams do they ever come reality?

Only the ones whose children whose photos are taken first thing in the morning will ever have a glimpse of hope for a photo like this others will have to suffer with their child covered in dirt from playing footy on the oval or hair falling out of their neat pony tail from playing hairdressers.

Others will have to deal with the photographer just taking the photo at the wrong time when their child yawns or blinks or laughs or cry’s when they look away or squint from the sun 

But these are the photos you will cherrish most as these are the ones which show their true colours

You don’t take a photograph, you make it. - Ansel Adams

Life is a big canvas, throw as much paint on it as you like.